We value positive relationships with parents and carers to help develop better social and emotional skills in children. We know that when children are engaged with their learning, they attend school more regularly, leading to better long term outcomes.

For parenting and counselling services, visit the Family Support page, and for direction and clarity on regulations, processes and procedures at our school, read the Sydney Catholic School policies.

Communicating with St Joseph’s

We strive to communicate effectively and efficiently with our community. This communication occurs in many ways.

  • Compass App – this system is used to notify the community of day to day reminders and the ease of its use allows parents to send emails and give reasons for absences via the App.
  • A digital newsletter is sent home twice a term in Weeks 4 and 8 and is delivered via Compass.
  • Each Friday a weekly update communication is sent to all families regarding the activities for the upcoming week.
  • Social media (Facebook and Twitter) are used to connect the community with the highlights.
  • Parents use the info@stjenfield.catholic.edu.au email address to contact teachers and the school.
  • General enquiries can be made by contacting the school office on (02) 9744 2811.

Parents and Friends (P & F)

The Parents and Friends Association is a valuable group established primarily to build and foster the strong sense of community that exists in our school. The P&F also provides practical support that assists the school to resource the educational programs and initiatives offered to our children. The P&F achieves this by organising numerous community events that enhance the experience St Joseph’s offers and by developing strong partnership with the school staff.

We welcome and encourage all families to become involved in the P&F initiatives held throughout the year. Whilst many of our events are organised for our children, some events are aimed at fostering friendships that support parents during the important years of raising children.

The P&F Executive is elected by the parent body each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Parent engagement

Parents are engaged in their child’s education in a number of ways at St Joseph’s. These include:

  • Regular Parent and Teacher interviews 
  • Assisting with MultiLit
  • Sacramental reflection days
2023 School Year
Term 1
Friday 27 January 2023 – Thursday 6 April 2023
Term 2
Monday 24 April 2023 – Friday 30 June 2023
Term 3
Monday 17 July 2023 – Friday 22 September 2023
Term 4
Monday 9 October 2023 – Tuesday 19 December 2023
Note: Please check with your school as dates will vary.
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